LeAnn Wanninger

Founder + Lead Designer


The idea of Design Renegades emerged because I don’t believe conventional design solutions are the only way to get the job done. I’m not afraid to think unconventionally. I believe the best ideas come from artistic thinkers.


I believe there are no design rules unworthy of breaking. Sometimes the most unexpected style pairings or the solutions born out of an unfortunate surprise, make the best expressions of style and statement of style.


My passion for collaborative design took roots in my early career days of retail merchandising for fabulous home décor retailers like Pottery Barn and Illuminations.  I left the buttoned-up corporate world to embark upon my maiden voyage into mompreneurship where I practiced my design skills through styling and marketing residential properties with my husband, Jimmy Marin.


Through nearly a decade of working alongside real people facing design, styling and budget and timing challenges while they prepare their homes for sale where I’ve learned the rapid-fire, design-renegade skills it takes to artfully and comfortably integrate old with new, form with function, quickly, affordably and with style and finesse.

It was under those roofs, in boot-camp style, that I learned the most about de-cluttering, re-purposing and creating living and working spaces that instantly a simple elegance and a comfortable style.

In addition to many residential clients, I’ve had the joy of producing for clients like The Hivery, Leigh Beisch Studioand Pacific Union branch offices throughout the Bay Area.